Student Financial Services

Pay My Bill

To make a payment or view your account online:

  • Log in to SiS, the Student Information System.
  • Within the Student Center, scroll to the Finance and Financial Aid section.
  • Look for View All Invoices. This field updates once monthly when a new bill is generated, and lists previous invoices for reference.
  • Pay your bill by clicking Make online credit card payment.
  • The Account Summary field updates within 24 hours after changes or payments are made to your account.
See our eBilling Tutorial (pdf) for more information on viewing and paying your bill.

Students may grant parents, guardians, family, spouses, employers, etc. access to their account via UShare.

The student is responsible for making payments even if a paper bill is not received. A paper bill will be sent only to students who are not registered but have an outstanding balance due to UMass Lowell. 

Students are responsible for updating address information with UMass Lowell online or by submitting a Student Information Change Form (pdf) to the Registrar’s Office.

UMass Lowell does not provide official transcripts or diplomas to anyone with an outstanding financial obligation. Prior to graduation or having a student's record cleared for the issuing of any appropriate refund, outstanding UMass Lowell bills must be paid (library fines, parking fines, etc.) and all University-owned property must be returned (athletic, lab, library books, etc.). If any debts remain unpaid, a student's official transcript and or diploma will not be released and the student will not be readmitted until those charges are paid.

Student Billing Timetable


E-Bills Calculated and Available (Approximately)

Bills Due

Summer Session End of May Mid-June
Fall Semester End of July Beginning of September
Spring Semester Mid-December End of January