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What Is The UCard?
Where do I get my UCard? How do I activate it?
Manage your UCard online
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What is the UCard?

  • An identification card
  • Access card for various locations on-campus:
    • Parking Lots
    • Residence Hall Buildings
    • Campus Recreation Center (CRC)
    • Academic Buildings
    • Research and Academic Labs
  • Your meal plan
  • UCa$h, a declining-balance account for purchases at:
  • UPrint, a green initiative that is aimed to reduce paper waste by eliminating unwanted and excess printing.

Where do I get my UCard? How do I activate it?

Chances are, you already have one! All new students for fall 2009 received a UCard, and any cards printed prior to this can be re-encoded at UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS), located in University Crossing, 220 Pawtucket Street. If you do not currently have a UCard, please find information based on your University status:

Once you have your UCard or have re-encoded your old card, all you need to do is activate your card online or over the phone.

Manage your UCard online

   Once you have activated your card you can add money, check your balance, or even report your card as lost stolen 24/7.  Remember, using a credit card costs $1.50 whenever you load UCa$h online and $2.50 with a credit card over the phone, but using your checking account is free! Manage your card on the One Card Gives Back website.

Have questions or concerns about the UCard?

Check our UCard FAQ page. You can also bring your questions to the UCAPS Office in University Crossing, or email them to UCAPS@uml.edu.

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