Parking Information

New Parking Policy for Students

UMass Lowell continues to grow in size and reputation, and managing parking inventory is essential in maintaining a fair and equitable manner is critical.

The University's Parking Committee, comprised of representatives from a cross-section of campus, carefully considered and adopted a number of policy change recommendations for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Summary of Policy Changes

The Executive Cabinet has approved the following policy changes, effective Sep. 2, 2013:

  • Freshmen commuter students will be required to park in the Ayotte Garage on East Campus, located at 11 Post Office Square between the Tsongas Center and Lowell High School. The lot will be serviced by a campus shuttle running from the Ayotte Garage to Fox Hall. From Fox Hall, it is an easy walk to North Campus or students can take the redline to south campus.  The shuttle will be at the garage for pick-ups every ten to fifteen minutes. It’s an easy walk to Fox Hall if you prefer not to wait. After 2:00 p.m., freshmen commuters may park in the upper-class commuter lots on both North and South campuses. Eligibility for this parking will be determined by student status as recognized by the Registrar's Office. Freshmen are those students with less than 24 credits completed.
  • With the exciting completion of the South Campus Garage, upper-class commuters, as well as South resident students will have access to the entire garage and the entire Broadway/Riverview Lot.  
  • All vehicular access to South Campus Garage will be from the lower Mahoney lot if traveling from the east or from the Broadway/Riverview lot if traveling from the west. South Garage access map is available on the UCAPS website at
  • The South residential lot adjacent to the softball field and Sheehy Hall will no longer be used for parking and be returned to green space.
  • The Coburn Lot and Durgin Lot will be designated for faculty/staff only. Students will not be permitted to park in these lots.
  • All upper-class commuter students on North Campus are required to park in the Riverside lots or the first and second level of the North Parking Garage. The Riverside lots and the North Parking Garage are accessed from Sparks Street.
  • Resident students must park in the lots to which they are assigned. Resident student vehicles may not park in commuter or faculty/staff parking lots.   
  • Please go to Parking Locations for a complete listing and maps of parking facilities.
  • Please review the transportation services hours of operation and service lines at

Carpooling: A New Green Initiative

Carpool permits, which are available for commuter students only, have been changed in order to offer convenience and savings for regular carpoolers. The University is proud to announce changes to the carpool program aimed at continuing the reduction of vehicles on campus and our overall carbon footprint:

  • The price of the carpool permit will remain proportional to the full cost of a decal (i.e. if a group of two register for the program, each person will only pay half of the cost of a decal). In addition, each participating member of the carpool group will have $10 of UCash deposited onto their UCard after participating for half the year.
  • Each person participating in the carpool program will now be permitted to order 16 temporary permits from the MyParking website per semester.  This allows one individual trip to campus per week.
  • The lower Mahoney lot, located between Mahoney Hall and the South Garage, will re-open as a centralized lot for carpool spaces on South Campus.  The previous spaces in Wilder and Broadway/Riverview will be relocated to this lot.

For information on all sustainable transportation options including the campus bike program please go to

Parking Rates

Parking Rates for the 2013-2014 academic year are as follows:

  • Commuter Students - $350 per year 
  • Resident Students - $350 per year 
  • Continuing Education Students - Included in operating fees 

Parking revenue will help fund current and future parking needs for UMass Lowell, which continues to move forward in scope and vision. Our urban campus setting poses some unique challenges, including parking.

Useful Information

Many other resources about 2013-2014 parking can be found on our website and linked below:

Any questions regarding the new policy can be directed to our office at