HEROES Initiative at UMass Lowell

Current Projects

Renewable and Portable Power Source for Soldier 
  • Developing renewable, flexible and portable organic solar cells
  • Optimization of morphology for performance enhancement of organic solar cells using nanoparticles
Flame and Thermal Resistant Materials for Soldier Protection
  • Protection from Flame threats
  • Synthesis of inherently fire-safe polymers/fibers
  • Novel green FR materials may be based on renewable resources such as lignin from trees, nut oils
  • Develop new class of halogen-free flame retardant combinations that operate through synergistic mechanisms
Combat Feeding: Food Packaging
  • High performance foil-free packaging via nanotechnology
Effect of Time Dependent Pressure Differentials on Material Porosity and Permeability
  • To understand and characterize the dynamic permeability of parachute fabrics