Policies & Procedures

Withdrawing from the University

All students who desire to withdraw from the University are required to:

  • Discharge all financial obligations to the University
  • Return all University property
  • File a written notification of withdrawal with the Registrar's Office

Since the date of official withdrawal, as recorded by the Registrar's Office, is one basis of any claim for tuition refund and may be of importance in determining legal or student insurance claims, students should process withdrawal papers in person prior to leaving the University.

Students who absent themselves from the University without officially withdrawing will remain on all class rosters until they officially withdraw from the University or until the end of the semester.

Students who have withdrawn, must be readmitted. This is accomplished only through the Office of the Registrar.

Students who are recipients of benefits from the Veterans Administration may not process withdrawals from the University which violate their declarations of classroom attendance. Recipients of veterans benefits are advised that they must receive course grades when their requests to withdraw from the University have been filed after deadlines of the Veterans Administration for processing changes of declared benefit status or when their dates of withdrawal will conflict with declarations of classroom attendance.