Radiation Safety Office

What We Do

The Radiation Safety Office, managed by the Director of Radiation Safety, is responsible for assuring compliance with relevant federal, state and university regulations and enforces policies established by the Radiation Safety Committee. The Radiation Safety Office maintains a staff adequate to assure the safe receipt, use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials and is authorized to intervene to prevent hazardous conditions from developing or to eliminate existing unsafe conditions on any matter related to radiation safety.

Environmental and Emergency Management (EEM)

The Radiation Safety Office is incorporated into the university's Environmental and Emergency Management Department and as such is an integral component of the team.

EEM Mission Statement:

The University of Massachusetts Lowell Environmental and Emergency Management Department is a diverse team of experienced professionals providing comprehensive cost effective programs and services regarding safety, health, compliance, sustainability, and emergency preparedness. In support of the university’s mission, vision and pillars of excellence; we promote a safety culture by delivering quality services, guidance, consultation and leadership to our university community, guests, partners and the environment, with integrity and respect.


The University of Massachusetts Lowell EEM Department is the model of excellence inspiring a safe, healthy, compliant and sustainable university community and environment.

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