Chelsey Feole

Chelsey Feole

Chelsey Feole, Field Hockey Coach

“UMass Lowell is a great choice.”

Chelsey Feole was instantly impressed with UMass Lowell’s field hockey program after a chance meeting with Head Coach Shannon Hlebichuk. The two met at an airport returning from a field hockey conference where they talked about UMass Lowell’s program for over two hours. “After that day, I knew if I pursued coaching at the collegiate level, UMass Lowell would be a top choice,” says Feole. 

Feole came to work at UMass Lowell after graduating from college. As an All-American player for Boston College, she brought some great experience to the field, but insists the experience is mutually beneficial. “The other coaches are great role models for me and have been amazing, but more importantly, the players on the team have been so much fun to work with,” says Feole. “Their work ethic, chemistry and ability to enjoy what they are doing are the reasons this job is so great.”

As a coach, Feole takes part in weekly recruiting trips. She also works with other coaches to develop the daily practice plans, helps oversee each day’s two-hour practices and attends games, some of which require the team to travel.   

Feole would urge young field hockey players to consider their college career as a River Hawk. “UMass Lowell is a great choice,” she says.