Procurement Services

ProCard Overview

The ProCard is a purchasing tool, which provides an efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for business commodities and services. In addition, cards linked to operating and discretionary budgets may be approved for the purchase of business travel. Travel option is not available for research-funded or faculty start-up budgets. Cards may have up to a $2,500 single transaction limit for general procurement (limited to individual item <$1000). Cards with travel privileges may have a higher single transaction limit for travel, if approved.

Obtaining a Card

Please submit the appropriate application below. You will be notified of the next scheduled mandatory ProCard Training Sessions. They are generally held twice per month and run about 45 minutes. You will receive your card at the training.

Policies and Procedures

Please refer to the following: Purchases 

The Procard may be used to purchase products  from that are not available from the Catalog Vendors in UMass BuyWays.
If you use your Procard to purchase from Amazon, you MUST COMPLETE the following steps so that your University purchases are not charged sales tax.
  1. Create an entirely separate Amazon account profile for your University purchasing.  Your University Amazon account must be separate from any personal accounts you have on Amazon. An individual personal purchaser CANNOT use the University tax exemption certificate on file to avoid paying taxes on personal items.  This is a violation of the University’s tax exemption.
  2. Once you set up your separate UMass Lowell Amazon Account,  click on “Your Account” and  scroll down to “Settings” and click on  “Amazon Tax Exempt Program”
  3. Upload a copy of the ST-2 and ST-5 tax exempt forms.

Use of ProCard for Meals while on Travel Status

Use of the University ProCard is not allowed for a Traveler’s meals while traveling.

It may be allowed for meals associated with a business meeting while on travel that includes attendees from outside the University System.   In this case, the per diem should be adjusted accordingly for any University traveler attending the meeting, per Conference Meal Exception instructions. Please also see ProCard User Guide Travel Addendum for additional information.

UMass BuyWays Catalog Vendors

The UMass BuyWays system is a one-stop shopping center providing you with easy access to purchase goods and services for the University. UMass BuyWays offers best value catalog pricing, an online shopping experience, easy access to preferred vendor catalogs, real-time status information on requisitions and orders and fast electronic approvals.  

Using catalog vendors in UMass BuyWays:

  • Guarantees contracted pricing

  • Offers University-wide tracking and control of purchases

  • Enables the University to negotiate best possible pricing

Any purchase needed from one of the catalog vendors listed in UMass BuyWays should be purchased using BuyWays and NOT your ProCard. Register for BuyWays training.

Report a Lost/Stolen Card or Dispute a Charge

Please contact CITI Customer Service at 800-248-4553.

If you have any questions regarding the ProCard Program, please contact ProCard Manager or call 978-934-3456.