Management Department

The Finance Concentration

Want to be in an area that is at the center of operations for all companies? Want to achieve high earnings? Want to move quickly into a position with decision-making responsibilities? Finance could be the choice for you.

With a concentration in finance, you will gain: 
  • the ability to analyze complex capital budgeting problems 
  • the ability to assess investment opportunities for institutes and individuals 
  • an understanding of the techniques needed to finance corporate operations and expansion 
  • the ability to communicate financial concepts to others 

Finance graduates can choose from careers that include banking, financial planning, corporate finance, financial analysis, insurance, real estate, cash management and forecasting.

Course Work 
Courses in your freshman and sophomore years include management calculus, financial and managerial accounting, macroeconomics, statistics and marketing principles. In your junior and senior years, areas of study include business finance, operations management, management information systems, organizational behavior, capital planning and other courses depending on the particular track you follow.

Finance Concentration Brochure (pdf) Finance_cover

Course Listing

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