Accounting Department

Major and Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting is based on the UMass Lowell general education courses that consist of 62 hours in areas outside of the Manning School of Business. In addition, the Manning School of Business foundation and core include 38 hours of courses from all the business disciplines including 24 hours of courses from Accounting.

The bachelor's degree program with accounting concentration is designed to provide students with a general understanding of multiple areas of accounting and the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for entry-level accounting positions that require only an undergraduate degree, and for graduate business and accounting programs.

Required Courses (pdf)

Accounting curricula span numerous branches:

  • Financial:  How to record and report transactions and account balances 
  • Managerial:  How to promote and measure operational performance 
  • Information Systems:  How to manage financial data and information 
  • Taxation:  How to calculate and record tax obligations 
  • Auditing:  How to test accounting systems and reports for accuracy

One of the great things about the field of accounting is that there is a job for every education level.  Each degree level and program offers its own curriculum so it is important to understand what courses and skills will be covered in a specific program before beginning your educational journey.

For more information on career preparedness visit the Career Services Accounting page.