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iSiS is the campus database used to manage student academic data for admissions, registration, enrollment, billing and financial aid. Information available on the iSiS database includes:

  • Student self-service for course registration, academic records, billing and bill payments and financial aid awards
  • Capability for students to give parents/guardians access to their self-service profile
  • Faculty self-service for grading, course rosters and academic advising
  • Recruiting and admissions processing
  • Academic record management, including class schedules, course catalog, student enrollment and records and degree audit
  • Student financial record management
  • Financial aid awarding and processing

Access to iSiS

Automatically Granted Access

  • Faculty self-service is granted to each actively employed faculty and adjunct faculty.
  • Advising self-service is granted to each actively employed faculty member, but not to adjunct faculty.
  • Student self-service is granted to all students eligible to enroll in classes

Manually Granted Access

All access for staff plus additional faculty administration access is granted upon request and appropriate approvals. Employees request access via an electronic form with approval from their direct supervisor. All request get reviewed an have security roles/access approved by data custodians. Fully approved forms are forwarded to the Security Administrator, who will apply the approved security requests.

Functional Area Data Custodian Request Form
Admissions Bruce Stacy TBD
Registrar/Records Mai Nguyen; Kerry Donohoe TBD
Student Financials Diane McLaughlin TBD
Financial Aid Ha Pham TBD

Students manage the authorization and access for guests such as parents or guardians. This is part of the UShare guest access functionality.

Termination of Access

All manually granted access is terminated once an employee is no longer employed at UMass.

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