Honors College

The Honors Project Experience

The Honors Project Experience is typically either a one or two semester creative activity that produces a final document and/or portfolio of work referred to as the Honors Project. A wide range of Honors Projects are possible. For example, a team-based engineering design capstone, a graphic artist’s marketing display, a business plan, a computer program, a memoir, a creative piece of fiction, a service-learning project, or a musical composition can all serve as the basis of an Honors Project. Students pursuing an Honors Project may link existing requirements of their major to their Honors Project.  However, such linkages also need to include a measurable added value component. Students may also enroll in one or two semesters of independent study to work on their honors project. The goal of the Honors Project is either to solve an applied problem or to build an artifact. Here is a hand out with a detailed description of the Honors Project (pdf).

The Honors Thesis/Project Grant 

The Honors Program will award grants of up to $500.00 for materials and/or activities (including travel) related to the Honors Student’s Senior Thesis or Project. The number of grants awarded will be determined by available funding. To be eligible to apply, a student must be an active member of the UMass Lowell Honors Program and must be working on a Senior Thesis/Project. There is no deadline for applying for this grant, but you must have at least one more semester at UMass Lowell in order to receive the funding. Here is the Application (pdf).