Health Informatics & Management

Graduate Certificate Programs

In addition to master's degree programs, UMass Lowell's Health Informatics and Management Program offers graduate certificate programs in three areas:

A four course certificate program is available to individuals who are not ready to pursue a master's degree. The certificates are designed to help professionals take advantage of advanced studies beyond the bachelor's degree and acquire new knowledge and skills. It gives other individuals the opportunity to explore graduate education without committing to a full course of study for a master's degree. However, all courses completed in the certificate programs are applicable to a master's degree. Students completing the certificate program with a 3.5 GPA do not have to take the GRE exam. A bachelor's degree is a requirement for admission.  

Health Management

The certificate is designed to meet the growth in management opportunities arising in the health care industry due to medical-technological development, the increasing percentage of older people in our society, and the demands to provide efficient yet high quality patient care. Employment opportunities for trained managers in teaching and community hospitals as well as with other providers such as rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, and homecare agencies are increasing. Positions are also opening in ambulatory clinics, insurance companies and health maintenance organizations. Each of these organizations provides expanding employment opportunities and career paths for professional growth for clinicians and non-clinicians alike. The certificate program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation to go on for a masters degree. 

Health Informatics

The management of information in health care is growing in importance. Applications include: electronic medical records, physician order entry systems, pharmaceutical systems and financial applications. This certificate is intended for individuals with a background in health and health care who wish to apply current computer technology to the management of health care services in clinical, financial and record keeping areas. 

Health Policy

This certificate prepares students to address the health care policy changes needed to meet the public and community health needs of low income and minority populations. Opportunities for trained policy specialists are increasing in public health agencies, non-profit community organizations and non-governmental advocacy organizations. Each provides expanding employment opportunities and career paths for professional growth for clinicians and non-clinicians alike. The program of study for the policy certificate consists of two basic courses and any two relevant courses from across the UMass Lowell campus. 
Completion of the certificate will qualify a student to sit for certain parts of the American Health Information Management Association's Certification Credential depending on background and the completion of other courses required by the AHIMA. Nurses can sit for the ANA Nursing Informatics Certification. 

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