Department of Sociology

Programs of Study

The Sociology Department offers a bachelor of arts degree. Students also may minor in this field, combining its study with related subjects.

A Continuum of Sociological Thought

The curriculum encompasses the continuum of contemporary and historic sociological thought including courses on sociological theories and movements, gender and minority studies, social stratification, the effect of war and violence, ethnic relations, deviant behavior and many more relevant topics. Interplay with fields such as anthropology, political science, economics and history is emphasized. Many courses use a fieldwork approach to understanding social problems. Social service, social movements and social change are highlighted throughout the curriculum, as are quantitative and qualitative sociological research methods.

Lowell: the Perfect Classroom

Urban studies and issues related to the quality of life in American cities are given major consideration, with the city of Lowell taking an important role. Students may engage in research projects on the city of Lowell and the role of UMass Lowell within that city. Lowell's rich past and present are observed firsthand.

On- or Off-Campus Experience

The department offers a program of on-campus and/or off-campus experience for sociology majors and minors. The intent of the practicum experience is to provide an occasion for investigation of a community, social, cultural or artistic area and for applying techniques of problem solving and/or skills that are appropriate to the student's major discipline.

Read more about admission and program requirements and course descriptions in the undergraduate catalog.