Department of Sociology


ShaenaShaena McDaniel Lawyer, 2013

Shaena works as an Intensive Care Coordinator at Children's Services of Roxbury where she facilitates Care Planning Team meetings and creates Individualized Care Plans for youth and families with serious emotional disturbances. Through her small business corporation, Social and Life Services Inc., Shaena specializes in helping young mothers and teen girls reach into their self-esteem and pursue resources that will ensure their success in life.

AnnalissaAnalissa Iverson, 2012

Analissa Iversen, Class of 2012, is a current MPP/MBA in Nonprofit Administration candidate at Brandeis's Heller School for Social Policy and Management. After graduation, Analissa spent 2 years serving as an Americorps VISTA at the United Teen Equality Center (UTEC) in Lowell, MA. While at UTEC, she managed program evaluation efforts and built systems for UTEC's continuous learning and improvement.

Analissa says of her UMass Lowell experience: 

“I proudly tells others that I am a UML Sociology Alum. The Sociology Department at UML feels like a family, with professors that are willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. The department also offers a strong emphasis on research methodology, a unique characteristic in comparison to other undergraduate sociology programs. I graduated with a portfolio containing three research projects I independently designed, implemented and analyzed. Through coursework and research opportunities, the department provided me with both a critical, sociological mindset, as well as the hard skills needed to make an impact on larger social problems. I have been so grateful for these skills during my work in the emerging field of program evaluation.” 

Allison Lawrence, 2008

Allison Lawrence, Class of 2008, recently left her job of 9 years and took a self-proclaimed “leap of faith” into the unknown job market to try something new. Her courage paid off and she landed a job in Malden, MA at Wash Depot Holidngs, Inc. Wash Depot is a large corporation of full service car washes operating in 9 states with 52 locations from Massachusetts to California. After 10 months working as a receptionist, Allison was promoted to Human Resources Administrator, handling the medical eligibility, 401K, FMLA and unemployment. She also deals with the Department of Labor and the EEOC. 

Allison says of her UMass Lowell experience: 
“I feel that the Sociology department at UML helped shape my future immensely. With the leadership, support and counseling from my professors and the strong friendships I made with my fellow classmates, UML Sociology will always hold a special place in my heart. I have nothing but fond memories of my professors assisting and guiding me through my education to become anything I want to be. I was a transfer student my freshman year and even if I wanted to sit with my advisor and ask if I would be graduating on time the Sociology department was always there for me. Someone was always there to listen, advise or even just hang out after class for discussion if there was something I needed more clarification on. I look back now and I realize it wasn't just a major I chose, but a family I had made along the way.”

Kelley Lane, 2002

Kelley Lane ‘02 went on to get her MBA in Social Policy and Management with a concentration in Child, Youth and Family Service Managements from the Heller School for Social Policy at Brandeis University in Waltham. Kelley currently serves as the Executive Director for Sibling Connections, an organization that works to promote sibling relationships among children who have experienced foster care in Massachusetts. Kelley hopes to continue her work in the field of foster and adoption by creating an advocacy group that works with policy makers to develop improved outcomes for children in foster care. 

Kelley says of her UMass Lowell experience: 
“I am continually grateful for the high level of student expectations, and the supportive academic environment that encouraged me to explore my own academic interests. Without this care and commitment from my Sociology professors, I wouldn’t have been equipped, both academically and emotionally, to handle the rigorous workload endured during my Masters’ program.”

UMass Lowell Alumni