Andrew Hostetler

Andrew Hostetler, Psychology

Andrew Hostetler, Psychology

Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator of the Community Psychology Program, Co-Director for Community Research and Engagement
Health and Social Sciences Building #359


Adult development & aging, adolescence, personality, cross-cultural psychology, the psychology of gender & research methods, service learning

Research Interest

Dr. Hostetler's research focuses broadly on social and personality development, in ecological context, from adolescence through later life. He has secondary interests in the areas of cultural, community and health psychology, as well as gender and sexual development. These broad interests are tied together by a general concern with the role of individual choice, as it is both enabled and constrained by ecological factors, in shaping subjective well-being, life satisfaction, and other developmental outcomes. He is currently pursuing these theoretical concerns via three separate lines of research. The first research line examines contexts and processes of optimal development among lesbians and gay men. The second line addresses gender differences in anticipating, planning for, and managing the demands of work and family. Finally, he is starting work on a project investigating ethnic and cultural differences in family and community life, productive engagement, and well-being in the so-called “third age” of the post-retirement years.

Educational Background

B.A., Cornell University
M.A., Stanford University
Ph.D., University of Chicago


Dr. Hostetler previously taught at University of Minnesota, Morris (2002-05), and he held a Sloan Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Cornell Employment and Family Careers Institute and the Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center, Cornell University from 2001-02. He joined the faculty in 2005.