Programs of Study

BA/MA in American Studies and the Economic and Social Development of Regions

Students in the American Studies Program are eligible to participate in a five-year BA/MA degree program, earning the Master of Arts degree in Economic and Social Development of Regions. Participation in this program does not alter the basic requirements for the degree in American Studies, but will afford those students who are interested an opportunity to participate in an accelerated degree program. 

In order to participate in this program, a student must declare his or her intention to do so and then meet with Marie Frank (American Studies) to review requirements and progress toward the joint degree. 

Please consult the online Undergraduate Catalog for further information. 

Each major will also select either the traditional major or the thematic option.  All students are also encouraged to do a practicum. The current major requires a minimum of 30 credits in American Studies (though a student may count up to 45 for the major) and 120 credits total for the BA. 

To pursue the BA/MA option: 

The student who chooses the BA/MA option will take an additional six credits in 500 level courses from the master's program graduate offerings as part of the undergraduate major and will take another six credits of 500 level courses as free electives, presenting a total of 126 credits toward the BA. The twelve credits taken at the 500 level will also count toward the student's MA degree.

For complete information please see the online Undergraduate Catalog.

For more information, contact American Studies coordinator, Marie Frank.