Mechanical Engineering


The mechanical engineering faculty is very active in research, expending a million dollars a year in external research funding.

The principal research areas, with associated faculty, are as follows:

  • Composite materials (Chen, Sherwood)
  • Smart materials/acoustics/controls (Niezrecki)
  • Nanomanufacturing (Chen, Reynaud)
  • MEMS & microsystems (Sun, Kim)
  • Modal analysis (Avitabile)
  • Aero/wind tunnel (Niemi, Willis)
  • Microgravity (Charmchi)
  • Baseball (Sherwood)
  • Robotics (Parkin)
  • Manufacturing (Parkin, Shina)
  • Solar/sustainable energy (Duffy)
  • Thermal plasmas and coating (McKelliget, Charmchi)
  • Wind Energy (Avitabile, Chen, Duffy, Niemi, Niezrecki, Reynaud, Sherwood, Willis)

Graduate Laboratories