Renewable Energy Engineering

Research and Outreach


Research is a top priority in the Renewable Energy Engineering program. In addition to our own research, there are many other faculty at UMass Lowell involved in areas related to renewable energy. Here is a comprehensive list of faculty, the Department they are in, and their research interest in renewable energy:

  • Peter Avitabile, Mechanical Engineering, structural health monitoring
  • Julie Chen, Mechanical Engineering, composite turbine blades
  • Zhiyong Gu, Chemical Engineering, nanoparticles for catalysis
  • Christopher Hansen, Mechanical Engineering, composite wind turbine blades, multi function materials
  • David Kazmer, Plastics Engineering, organic PV
  • Jayant Kumar, Physics, organic PV
  • Carl Lawton, Chemical Engineering, biofuels
  • Sanjeev Manohar, Chemical Engineering, energy storage systems
  • Ram Nagarajan, Plastics Engineering, dye sensitized and polymeric PV
  • Eugene Niemi, Mechanical Engineering, wind turbines
  • Chris Niezrecki, Mechanical Engineering, structural health monitoring
  • Nese Orbey, Chemical Engineering, substrate chemical & vapor deposition
  • Bob Parkin, Mechanical Engineering, building integrated solar systems, geothermal energy
  • Yash Puri, Management, third generation PV development
  • Thomas Regan, Radiation Lab, nondestructive inspection
  • Emmanuelle Reynaud, Mechanical Engineering, turbine blade materials
  • Juliette Rooney-Varga, Biology, fuel cells
  • Ziyad Salameh, Electrical Engineering, battery testing, energy storage systems
  • Walter Schier, Physics, solar energy installations
  • Daniel Schmidt, Plastics Engineering, turbine blade materials
  • Mensyan Shen, Physics, use of solar energy in conversion of CO2
  • James Sherwood, Mechanical Engineering, composite turbine blades
  • Meg Sobkowitz-Kline, Plastics Engineering, organic PV, improved bio-plastics
  • Hongwei Sun, Mechanical Engineering, energy storage systems
  • Joel Therrian, Electrical Engineering, nano-Electrical devices, PV manufacturing, high efficiency solar cells
  • Juan Pablo Trelles, Mechanical Engineering, energy storage, solar photo-thermo-chemical conversion
  • Walter Thomas, Mechanical Engineering., net-zero houses, grid-connected solar
  • David Turcotte, Economics, wind turbine manufacturing and reuse, workforce development.
  • David Willis, Mechanical Engineering, computational fluid dynamics of wind turbines
  • Jin Xu, Chemistry, biofuels
  • Tzu-Yang Yu, Civil Engineering, structural health monitoring
  • Xiaoqi Zhang, Civil Engineering, generating energy from waste water


The Renewable Energy Engineering program strives to incorporate service learning into its curriculum. Learn more about Service Learning Integrated throughout the College of Engineering (SLICE) and the Village Empowerment Project.