Mechanical Engineering

About Us

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers an extensive range of graduate and undergraduate programs. Our Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, The program is based on a design-build-test methodology, where students spend time in the laboratory and workshop actually building and testing their theoretical designs. Our graduates are renowned for their practical skills and their ability to adapt quickly to the needs of industry.

All of our undergraduate engineering courses are offered during the day. The university also offers a technology degree at night, through the Division of Online and Continuing Education.

For many years, the Mechanical Engineering Department has been active in the field of service learning and, as part of Prof. John Duffy's PERUML project, we have sent two interdisciplinary teams each year to the Peruvian Andes, bringing electricity and clean water to remote villages. Prof. Duffy is also principal investigator on the SLICE project. SLICE (Service-Learning Integrated throughout a College of Engineering) is a major curriculum development initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation, and seeks to incorporate service-learning throughout the college of engineering curriculum.

Our faculty is also very active in graduate teaching and research, and the department currently expends over a million dollars a year in external research funding. A department faculty member, Prof. Julie Chen, is co-director of the Nanomanufacturing Center. We also host the nationally famous Baseball Research Center and the Modal Analysis Lab.

At the graduate level we offer the Master of Science in Engineering, the Doctor of Philosophy, and the Doctor of Engineering degrees. A student studying for one of our graduate degrees can focus in mechanical engineering, solar energy engineering, manufacturing or nanomanufacturing. We also offer various graduate certificates that do not require you to enroll in a degree program. Most of our graduate courses are offered in the evening, to attract students from industry.

There are approximately 300 undergraduate and 50 graduate students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering department. The faculty is comprised of 13 full-time professors with distinguished academic, research and industrial backgrounds.

We are committed to providing students with the highest-quality learning relevant to the needs of industry and society. This is done in a spirit of cooperation between faculty, staff and students.