Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faculty & Staff

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has 22 tenured/tenure-track professors, three lecturers and four staff members. On this page:
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Department Administration

Department Chairman and Head Martin Margala Ext. 2986
Associate Chairman George P. Cheney Ext. 3331
Graduate Coordinator Yan Luo
Ext. 2592
Transfer Coordinator George P. Cheney Ext. 3331
Doctoral Coordinator Alkim Akyurtlu Ext. 3336
Co-op Coordinator Ziyad Salameh Ext. 3333

Faculty Directory

Name Phone Office E-mail
Akyurtlu, Alkim 978-934-3336 BL 417 alkim_akyurtlu@uml.edu
Armiento, Craig 978-934-3395 BL 421C craig_armiento@uml.edu
Chandra Kavitha 978-934-3356 FA 203 kavitha_chandra@uml.edu
Cheney, George P 978-934-3331 BL 301B george_cheney@uml.edu
Chigan, Tricia 978-934-3364 BL 401 tricia_chigan@uml.edu
Darish, Michael
BL421A michael_darish@uml.edu
Geiger, Michael 978-934-3618 EB 118A michael_geiger@uml.edu
Grosch,Theodore 978-934-3357 PH 118C theodore_grosch@uml.edu
Hu, Tingshu 978-934-4374 BL 405 tingshu_hu@uml.edu
Ibe, Oliver 978-934-3118 BL 419 oliver_ibe@uml.edu
Lu, Xuejun 978-934-3359 FA 206 xuejun_lu@uml.edu
Luo, Yan 978-934-2592 BL 311 yan_luo@uml.edu
Mad’D, Mufeed 978-934-3317 BL 321 mufeed_mahd@uml.edu
Margala Martin 978-934-2986 BL301 martin_margala@uml.edu
Megherbi, Dalila B. 978-934-3334 BL 421B dalila_megherbi@uml.edu
Mil’Shtein, Samson 978-934-3310 BL 306 samson_milshtein@uml.edu
Prasad, Kanti 978-934-3326 BL 309 kanti_prasad@uml.edu
Rao, Tenneti C 978-934-3323 BL 307 tenneti_rao@uml.edu
Salameh Ziyad 978-934-3333 BL 415 ziyad_salameh@uml.edu
Son,Seung Woo
978-934-6846 BL419 SeungWoo_Son@uml.edu
Therrien, Joel 978-934- 3324 BL 319 joel_therrien@uml.edu
Thompson, Charles 978-934-3360 KI 312 charles_thompson2@uml.edu
Tran, Anh 978-934-3322 BL 317 anh_tran@uml.edu
Tredeau, Frank 978-934-3572 PH 118B
Vokkarane, Vinod 978-934-3345 BL 409 vinod_vokkarane@uml.edu
Wang, Xingwei 978-934-1981 BL403 xingwei_wang@uml.edu
Weitzen, Jay 978-934-3315 BL 411 jay_weitzen@uml.edu

Professor Emeritus

Wunsch, David, Phone:978-934-3306, FA 206, david wunsch@uml.edu

Staff Directory

Ruth Dubey-Leduc Staff Assistant Ruth_DubeyLeduc@uml.edu Ext. 3306
Dana Drury Technical Staff Dana_Drury@uml.edu Ext. 3314
Senait Haileselassie Technical Staff Senait_Haileselassie@uml.edu Ext. 3342

Adjunct Faculty

  • James M. Moran: teaches History of Radio.
  • Jim E. Moran: teaches Computer Architecture and Design, Field Programmable Gate Arrays Logic Design Techniques. 
  • John Fairchild
  • Levent Sevgi

Visiting Faculty list

  • John F. Palma teaches Circuit Theory, Fundamentals of Electricity I, Fundamentals of Sound Recording