Fitness & Wellness

Personal Training

Whether you are new to exercise or want to take your workouts to the next level, the Personal Training Program can assist you in reaching your goals. Our personal trainers are students at UMass Lowell who have a national personal training certification or are a Junior/Senior in the Exercise Physiology/Physical Therapy program. Check out our personal training video or meet our personal trainers

Individual Personal Training Package

The package will begin with an initial fitness assessment where you will complete several fitness tests including body composition, muscular & cardiovascular endurance & flexibility. In the next four sessions we will go over your results and begin your individualized workout plan.

Additional sessions are available per session or package deals listed below:

Individual Initial Package Fees (5 sessions): Students: $50, Faculty/Staff/Members: $100 Register Online or in person

Additional Sessions Fees:

Student Price
Faculty/Staff/CRC Member Price
1 Session
5 Sessions
10 Sessions

Partner Personal Training Package

Initial partner package comes with five sessions. The first session will be your fitness assessments, the remaining four will go over the partner fitness program. Additional sessions are available per session or package deals listed below:

Note: To sign up for this package partners do not need to be at the same fitness level, but they must have similar goals to train together. Registration is only done in person for partner sessions.

Partner Initial Package Fees (5 sessions): Students: $40 per partner, Faculty/Staff/Members: $80 per partner. 

Additional Sessions Fees:

Student Price (per partner)
Faculty/Staff/CRC Member Price (per partner)
1 Session
5 Sessions
10 Sessions

Find Out Your Starting Fitness Level!

Comprehensive Fitness Assessments - $15

During this one-hour session body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility will be measured to give the participant an idea of their starting fitness level. Assessments can determine what areas need improvement and are an essential first step in fitness programming. Register for your assessment at the Campus Recreation Center Welcome Desk or Riverview Fitness Center today!

Note: This session does not include an exercise prescription. You must sign up for a personal training package to receive an individualized fitness program.

Body Composition Test - $5

During this quick 5-minute test we will determine your body fat percentage. You can choose the skinfold caliper method or Biometric Impedance Analysis both of which can assess your lean mass. Although body composition is an important component of fitness, it is important to assess the other components including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility. These tests are all offered in our comprehensive fitness assessment option listed above or any personal training package listed below.

Registration Procedures

If you have any questions, contact or 978-934-6475.