The UTeach Courses

Click image to view full-size pdf UTeach, a program through which undergraduate students earn a Science, Technology/Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) teaching minor, includes exploratory, core education and specialized content courses.

Courses for STEM Teaching Minor

The STEM Teaching minor consists of 2 credits of exploratory courses and 24 credits of coursework and practicum.

Exploratory Courses (2 credits)
Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching Credits: 1, Semester: Fall, Spring
Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design Credits: 1, Semester: Fall, Spring
STEM Teaching Minor (24 credits)
*Knowing & Learning in Math & Science Credits: 3, Semester: Fall, Spring
  Classroom Interactions and Equity Credits: 3, Semester: Spring
*Perspectives on Mathematics & Science Credits: 3, Semester: Spring
  Project-Based Instruction Credits: 3, Semester: Fall
  Research Methods Credits: 3, Semester: Spring
  Teaching English Language Learners Credits: 3, Semester: Fall (senior year)
  Practicum Credits: 6, Semester: Spring (senior year)
*These courses are Gen Ed approved
Computer Science and Math majors must  also  take: 
(in addition to the 24 credits of coursework)
Functions & Modeling Credits: 3, Semester: Fall
(this elective course is required for math certification)