Department of History

Programs of Study

History Major - Bachelor of Arts Degree

A major in history provides a solid background for students who go on to enter government service, politics, law, teaching, or business. Students can elect a general major in History, or they can choose to specialize in certain fields such as American or European history. A History major requires a minimum of twelve History courses; see below for details.

History Minor

A minor in History permits a student to develop an expertise in this field without the rigorous commitment required of the major. A History minor requires a minimum of six courses; see below for details.

History Concentration

A concentration in History, through the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree, permits a student to take 8 courses in History (4 at the 3000-level or above) in combination with a second concentration in another discipline.

Course Listings

For a list of all courses offered in the History Department, consult the Course Listings in the university online Catalog.