Minor in Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology (BMEBT)

What is it? 

  • Offered jointly by the College of Engineering, College of Sciences and School of Health and Environment for undergraduate students
  • Set of four required subject-area courses, two labs, plus two elective courses
  • Two elective courses are “tuned” for a specialization, or track
  • Several courses may also count as core or technical electives depending on the College
  • The net additional course work varies from a minimum of TWO to a maximum of SIX additional courses depending on the College

Why should I enroll in this?

  • Provides key competency in a rapidly growing interdisciplinary area
  • Provides a competitive advantage when searching for employment 
  • Provides hand-on training which will likely lead to more rapid job advancement
  • Allows an easy transition into a later graduate programs - successful completion of this minor will allow you to transition into the Professional Science Masters (PSM) program, or doctoral programs 

Courses for a Minor in Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology

For the latest course information please refer to the UMass Lowell online academic catalog

How do I enroll in this minor?

  • File a Declaration of Minor form with your College before registering for 300 level courses
  • Indicate your intention to pursue this Minor with your Faculty Advisor, Sanjeev K. Manohar, Ph.D. (

Immediately after registering for the final courses which complete the minor, file an academic petition with the Office of Enrollment Services approved by your College.