Transfer Admissions

Transfer Student Guidelines

Transfer Student Guidelines are as follows:

  1. A transfer student is defined as a student who has attended an institution of higher education and has received credits that may count toward a baccalaureate degree. Status at UMass Lowell is determined by the number of transferable credits.
  2. All transfer students are required to list all courses not shown on their transcripts. This listing can be completed on Page 2 of the application.
  3. The University of Massachusetts Lowell subscribes to the Commonwealth Transfer Compact and Joint Admissions Program.
  4. The University of Massachusetts Lowell intends to maintain flexibility in the transfer of qualified students. Students should indicate the major they intend to pursue. The number of transfer students accepted to each degree program will be determined by existing vacancies in the department. Students who transfer into certain restricted majors may be required to take certain aptitude and achievement tests, and should be advised that transfer credits accepted by the university may not be applicable to certain majors. Interviews and auditions may also be required in some cases.
  5. Transfer students for whom English is not a first language are advised that unless they have completed two years of English composition with a “C” or better at an American university, they must fulfill the TOEFL requirements. All transcripts from international institutions must be evaluated with World Education Services (WES) before university advisers review them for transfer credits. 

World Education Services (WES)

Telephone: 212-219-7330