Open Studios, Spring Art Thing and Boston ArtWeek at Western Avenue Studios 5/3

By Ellen Anstey

With two events part of the ArtWeek Boston schedule on Saturday, May 3, the artists at Western Avenue Studios and Lofts at 122 Western Ave., Lowell have embraced the concept of showcasing the creativity of its community. The full schedule of offerings is now available at

ArtWeek is a collection of unique events and creative experiences that highlight the quality and diversity of arts, culture, and entertainment in the greater Boston area and beyond. Each ArtWeek event highlights local partnerships that drive neighborhood economic impact, and build awareness about the area’s creative economy and resources.

The Spring Art Thing which runs from noon until 5 p.m. is a form of creative scavenger hunt. Pick up a free postcard on your way into any of our buildings, visit participating studios and lofts, collect stickers from the artists, browse the art, and buy unique gifts for all. The artists at Western Avenue represent more than 50 different disciplines of art. Deposit your postcard with your contact information in the boxes provided no later than 5 p.m for a chance to win one of three gift certificates ($25, $50 or $75) to spend at the participating studios and lofts. With 60 artists participating in the Spring Art Thing the more stickers you collect the larger the larger the prize you can win.

Afterward, from 5-8 p.m., Western Avenue Studios and Lofts expands for ArtWeek to include a showcase for the performing artists who live and work at Western Avenue. As the studios wind down at 5 p.m. the Onyx Room on the first floor will begin offering a sampling of the diversity to be found among the musicians at Western Ave. Included in the program is the Lowell premiere of "Koan: Having Never Written a Note for Percussion" (1971) by James Tenney (1934-2006). Performed by Nick Tolle this is a deeply intense and meditative 17-minute study in the surprising harmonic richness of a slowly modulated sustained gong, also supported in this performance by four hand cranked air raid sirens. HUMANWNE will be offering their first live performance in three years. Don Ouellette, Todd Bowser, Seiki, Marianna Wood, J Haley, Dane Despres and the Ironfield Project are also scheduled to perform. During the day there will be a workshop on balancing Chakras with gongs.

There is free parking at Western Avenue and the COOL bus will provide a shuttle to offsite over flow parking if necessary.

Visit the Western Ave. Studios website for directions and details.