Research at UMass Lowell


The following FAQs are designed to help new faculty find the information, people and services they need at the University. If you do not find what you are looking for below, please email us with your question(s) to, so they can be added to the website.

Getting Around Campus

  1. What’s the best way to get on Route 3 South from North Campus?

    Head southeast towards the University Avenue bridge. (2) Take a right after the bridge onto Pawtucket St. (3) Take a left onto Fletcher St. (4) Take a right onto Thorndike St. (5) Take a right onto Lowell Connector and just follow the signs to Rt. 3.

  2. Is there a Shuttle to campuses from the MBTA terminal?

    The Lowell Regional Transit provides transportation from the campuses to the MBTA terminal. Please refer to the link below for locations and times (i.e. south campus to MBTA; north campus to MBTA)

    When LRTA is not in service (which would be after 5:45 p.m.), you can take the Yellow East line to get from Gallagher Train Terminal to campus. See link below for locations, times and phone number for pick up service:

  3. Where is the library?

    O’Leary, South Campus, 61 Wilder Street, Lowell, MA 01854 | Phone: 978-934-4550. O’Leary is the building to the right of McGauvran (the student center) if you are coming from the Wilder parking lot. Look for the Starbucks on the ground floor.

    Lydon, North Campus, 84 University Ave., Lowell, MA 01854 | Phone: 978-934-3205. Lydon is on the south side of University Ave., just behind Alumni Hall (the small, historic-looking building with the clock tower).

  4. Where is the best place to get lunch on north campus?

    Southwick Food Court is a very popular place on north campus for students and faculty members on campus. On north there are also Einstein Bros. Bagels, and Ball P.O.D. Express.

    University Dining Commons is located on the 2nd floor of Fox Hall. This state-of-the-art, all-you-care-to-eat location features over 10 stations creating made to order meals with fresh, from scratch ingredients. When the University food options aren’t open, other options on University Ave. just past the Dunkin’ Donuts are Suppa’s (pizza and subs) and Egg Roll Café.

    Other food locations on campus can be found at

  5. Where to get Coffee in the morning?

    There are various locations you can get coffee in the morning around campus. I would recommend checking the website for full-details:, but on campus some popular places are:

    • North: Einstein Bros. Bagels Olney Hall, Ball Hall P.O.D. Express
    • South: Starbucks, Subway, Mill City Dining Common
    • East: Starbucks, University Dining The Hawk’s Nest Café, which is open to students and the public, and serves grab-and-go meals during the day and Asian-fusion cuisine in the evening, along with Red Mango frozen yogurt and Starbuck’s coffee|

  6. The bus stop on north campus for the shuttle back to south campus?

    The bus stop on North Campus for Blue Line & Yellow North Line will stop on the Alumni Hall side of University Ave. after 2 p.m. each day, and will be on the Cumnock Hall side prior to 2 p.m. Bus departs approximately every 10 minutes.

  7. Where to park for different buildings on campus?

    Check out:; click on Faculty/Staff Parking – from there you can pick the campus, building, etc. for parking options available to faculty.

  8. Can I get a parking sticker for my second vehicle?

    All additional decals for employees are provided at no cost up to three vehicles. Information for parking decals and online services can be found at:

  9. Where is the University bookstore? And how do you acquire text books?

    UMass Lowell currently has two book stores: 

  10. Tour of University, where is what? 

    • Work Force Development in Human Resources offers a tour of the campus to new faculty and staff every other month. This tour includes Faculty/Staff parking lots, Tsongas Center, Boathouse, ICC, etc. Tour dates are available at:  

  11. How to send a package (for work)?

    • On North campus, you can work with Central Receiving or the Mail Services Department (located in Kitson Hall, 2nd floor near the elevator). Central Receiving does not exist on south campus, if your item is pre-labeled you can put it where your mail is picked up, if it is something that you need to ship out,  you will need the full address, full shipping information and speedtype, these items are sent out via UPS. For a complete list of services, visit:
    • On South Campus, the mail is distributed to each building (i.e. HSS, Mahoney, Coburn, etc.) by department.

      For distribution services (via central receiving):

  12. How to add $ to my ID card?

    • You may add cash online by visiting: It is free to do it from a checking account, but fees apply if from a credit card. You may also add money via telephone by calling 866-400-8627 with your account number and credit card.  

  13. One stop information website for new faculty?



  1. Is internal seed funding available? If so, how do I get it?
  2. How to make a purchase and is there an easier way to send a purchase order out? 

    • The UMass BuyWays system is a one-stop shopping center. This center provides you with an easy route to all your purchasing needs. This system has also made sending out purchase orders much easier. Training for BuyWays can also be found under - under empac blog. BuyWays enables you to purchase all sorts of supplies in one area.

    • The ProCard is a purchasing tool, which provides an efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for business commodities and services. In addition, cards linked to operating and discretionary budgets may be approved for the purchase of business travel. Detailed information including procard application and guidelines can be found at:

      Email or if you have questions.

  3. Is there a personal fund for small expenses, membership fees, submitted fees etc. in the Business school?

    • Through the Faculty Union contract, faculty are provided with Professional Development funds which may be used for these expenses.

  4. Equipment purchasing procedure? 

    • For more than $5,000 you need to put the equipment out for bid or complete a sole source justification which states the reason that a specific vendor must be used. Visit the procurement website for the sole source form and also the policies, if you have specific questions, you may contact Michael Durkin (ext. 41915)



  1. Who should I contact to submit a grant application?

  2. How to find grant sources?

    • You may contact (ext. 44783) for assistance in searching for sources.

  3. I need to develop a plan for research funding. Help!

    • Decide where to apply for funding: contact Mary Sloan to search for sources or contact the Grants and Contracts Administrator for your college to discuss different sources.
    • Submit a proposal: contact your Grants and Contracts Administrator to find out what ORA can do to help you prepare and submit a proposal.
    • Get funded: ORA will review and negotiate award and set up in PeopleSoft financial system so that you can spend. 

  4. Are grantsmanship workshops offered more than once a semester?

    • Workshops are offered throughout the year whenever there appears to be a need or whenever suggested by faculty or chairs/deans. Email Andy Morris ( if you would like to suggest a workshop.

  5. How long does it take IRB to process expended application?

    • If the applications are clear and complete, the expedited can be turned around a week or so but usually it is 2-3 weeks.
    • Every project is different and Institutional Compliance recommends that the PI call Elaine Major at X43452 to discuss and get advice. 

  6. How long does it take IRB to process full application?

    • Same timeline as mentioned above, except we only meet one time per month so that has to be factored in. If we get the application at least two weeks before the meeting (and it is clear and complete), it goes to the full committee, we meet (PI is invited), and then concerns go out to the PI. If the PI responds promptly to the concerns, it can bet turned around within 6 weeks, in general.

    • More information can be found at:

  7. Are there any searchable campus experts database? (for searching for research collaborators)

    • To provide a glimpse of the work being done here, we have created a Search for Research tool. It will allow you to quickly locate individuals who may be doing complementary work; to see the vast range of research, scholarship and creative work in the various colleges and departments; and/or to find the research of a particular person:

    • Digital Measures is currently available for faculty (a new software/database that will allow you to input their CVs and create webpages). Please contact George Hart, Director of Libraries for detailed information:


University Facilities

  1. How often can my office be cleaned? How can I get Facilities to address a temperature problem in my office?

  2. What service facilities offer and who pays for it?

    • There is an annual call for project requests that are gathered at the department level (through the Chair) and listed by priority. From there, these requests go up to the Dean and then to Project Management.

  3. Is there a description of all Core Research Facilities?

  4. What is the process for establishing new Core Research Facilities?

  5. Who to contact if I want to organize an event or invite someone to campus? Reserve a room?


Information Technology

  1. How do I create a website on the University server?

  2. How can you get VPN at home?

  3. Who is responsible for computers in labs and what resources are available to faculty?

  4. When will my office computer/printer arrive?

    • The Provost’s office provides a computer to new faculty and works directly with the Information Technology Department to provide options and support. Once you pick out your new computer, IT will place the order and ensure installation of appropriate applications, including Adobe, security, etc. once your computer arrives (usually 3-4 weeks from placement of order). The Provost’s office in conjunction with IT will work with your department to have a temporary computer until your real one arrives.


Faculty Teaching Resources

  1. Could a comprehensive advising dos/don’ts list be compiled & distributed along with a list of forms that may be necessary and who need to sign them (e.g. if a student wants to petition for a course taken at another institution counts toward an elective/course here)?

  2. I would love to do some interdisciplinary research. How do I find my area of interest?

    • There is a search for research tool on the Research website. Search for research allows faculty to enter their research interests and to search for the names of faculty who may have comparable or compatible interests.

  3. Is there a writing coach?

    • The Vice Provost for Research office has a technical writer that may aid faculty with proposal preparation.

  4. What is the best recommended teaching method for undergraduates, particularly freshman?

  5. Is the co-op scholars program available for any faculty? How is it financed? Is the co-cop scholars program for freshman only? For one year only? 

    • The Co-op scholar program is available for all faculty. Selected high-achieving incoming freshmen are awarded a co-op if they maintain a specific GPA during their freshmen year. This award is made through financial aid and is available to students for the summer following their freshmen year or their sophomore year. The co-op is only available for this time period. In many cases students remain with their faculty mentor when the mentor has research funding and can continue to pay the students. In other cases, if the student is eligible for campus work, the student may remain with the faculty mentor and continue to be paid.

    • For specific questions on the co-op scholar program please check with Adrianna Morris ( for Science, Engineering, College of Health Sciences and Management and Vanessa Farzner ( for FAHSS.

  6. Can we suggest books for the library to buy?

    • For library requests please contact Mr. George Hart, Director of Libraries. Email: