Kyle Coffey

Kyle Coffey

Kyle Coffey, Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy

“Professors allowed for an academic distance that required me to develop skills on my own.”
After Kyle Coffey graduated in May 2010, he passed the board exam in July and landed a new job in August. This fast track to success — and a career he loves in physical therapy — was his reward for years of hard work.
He credits the strength of the UMass Lowell faculty for preparing him with the critical-thinking skills needed to pass the board exam the first time around. He is currently a professional independent clinician at Harvard Vanguard Associates in Chelmsford. 

“The faculty challenged you to be the best student possible so when you graduate and enter the real world, you are prepared to become the most professional physical therapist out there,” he says, adding that his professors gave him tools and skills useful both in and out of the classroom.  

“Professors allowed for an academic distance that required me to develop skills on my own,” says Coffey, who earned both a doctorate of physical therapy degree and a bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology from UMass Lowell.

Since physical therapists are in high demand in the job market, students tend to have a variety of employment options after graduation, including positions in hospitals, outpatient clinics and private offices. 

Coffey is confident that his education at UMass Lowell allows him “to be competitive in any setting or with any position.”