Honors College

Announcing the Honors College
The community of more than 700 honors students is celebrating good news. On Feb. 27, 2014, recognizing the strength of the Honors Program and its contributions to UMass Lowell's rising stature, the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees voted to elevate the program to an Honors College.
The Art of an Honors Project
Alexandria Derderian, an honors student majoring in Fine Arts, created her own art exhibit for her senior honors project. Her work is call Buffering. This video is a great example of an honors project, one that will earn her Commonwealth Honors. Nice job Alexandria.
UMass Lowell Librarians Bring Archives to Life! Librarians, Martha Mayo & Tony Sampas, showed first year honors students rare monographs, maps, personal papers, photographs, & paintings that the City of Lowell has to offer. These primary source materials are available for students to study & can form the foundation of their personal project. Read more...
Fasanella Comes Alive at UMass Lowell!
Honors students embark on a service-learning project, guided by professional curator, Nancy Nesvet & faculty member, Jennifer CaderoGillette, to create a real Fasanella art exhibit. Read more.
We're Ready! 
Honors Computing II students celebrate a year of learning at UMass Lowell. “These are the best group of young minds that a faculty member could ever wish to interact with.” said Associate Professor, Jim Canning, Ph.D. Read More...

Honors courses at UMass Lowell are engaging and interactive. They have small enrollment and encourage discussion. Watch and listen to UMass Lowell Prof. James Propp talk about his Honors Calculus courses.  

Participate in the Second Annual UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Program's  3 + 3 Summer Read Plus Fall Kicker. Learn How!
Creating a Living, Learning Community! Students and a Faculty Adviser live together in the UMass Lowell Honors House fostering the perfect environment to help you succeed. Learn More...

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