Graduate Programs

Geoenvironmental Engineering Option

The master's degree program in geotechnical engineering encompasses soil mechanics theory and applications in the fields of foundation and soil engineering. Course work emphasizes the engineering behavior of soil, soil property determination and the use of advanced soil mechanics theory and soil-structure interaction in the solution of soil and foundation engineering problems.  Elementary courses in soil mechanics, statics, strength of materials and fluid mechanics are required as prerequisites for graduate core courses. Students receiving a teaching or research assistantship are required to submit a publishable thesis.

The program of study consists of five required courses: 14.531 Advanced Soil Mechanics and any four core courses and four elective courses selected with the consent of a student's faculty advisor. Program and course details are included in the graduate course list and the graduate catalog.

Please refer to the UMass Lowell online Graduate Catalog for the latest information and course descriptions.

Core Courses

(Select any four of the following as core courses, others may be used as electives.) 

14.529 Engineering with Geosynthetics 
14.530 Deep Foundations 
14.532 Theoretical Soil Mechanics 
14.533 Advanced Foundation Engineering 
14.534 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 
14.536 Soil Engineering 
14.537 Experimental Soil Mechanics 
14.538 Soil Behavior 

Additional Elective Courses

14.504 Advanced Strength of Materials 
14.507 Engineering Computation 
14.509 Environmental and Engineering Geology 
14.521 Reliability Analysis in Engineering 
14.527 Geotechnical Environmental Site Characterization 
14.529 Engineering with Geosynthetics 
14.539 Ground Improvement 
14.550 Behavior of Structures 
14.562 Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology 
14.576 GIS Applications in Civil & Environmental Engineering 
14.581 Engineering Systems Analysis 
14.583 Stochastic Concepts