Chemical Engineering

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates in Chemical Engineering

UMass Lowell offers the following graduate certificates in chemical engineering:

Graduate Certificate Application Form (pdf)

Biotechnology and Bioprocessing

Biological Sciences Department & Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department

Dr. Carl Lawton   

The certificate is intended for students who hold a baccalaureate degree in science, engineering, health, or related disciplines. The courses emphasize biological and engineering principles, process concepts and the application of these to process design and improvement. Courses deliberately cross disciplinary bound-aries and emphasize teamwork in a multidisciplinary environment as well as a result-oriented, document-driven approach to efficient project completion.

Required Courses:

  • 81.535 -or- 10.535 Principles of Cell and Microbe Cultivation 
  • 81.545 -or- 10.545 Isolation and Purification of Biotech Products 
  • 81.555 -or- 10.555 Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance 
  • Plus One Approved 3 credit Elective

Materials Sciences & Engineering 

Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Alfred A. Donatelli   

This 12 credit certificate provides an advanced course of study in materials science and engineering that will broaden and enhance the capabilities and education of experienced professionals and technologists at the graduate level.

Required Course:

  • 10.508 Introduction to Materials Sciences (3 credits)

Elective Courses (choose three):

  • 10.523 Electronic Materials (3 credits) 
  • 10.527 Nanoscale Materials Science (3 credits) 
  • 10.535 Principles of Cell & Microbe Cultivation (3 credits) 
  • 10.539 Mathematical Methods in Engineering  (3 credits) 
  • 24.541 X-Ray of Defraction Materials (3 credits) 
  • 24.542 Microscopy of Advanced Materials (3 credits)

Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Systems and Processes

Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Alfred Donatelli   

The sequence of courses provides advanced training in the modeling and analysis of complex systems with some special focus on thermo-fluid processes and general control system design and analysis.The courses are mathematically intensive and many require the use of modern computer analysis tools (Matlab, Simulink, Aspen, etc.).The graduate certificate program is appropriate for students and professionals interested in gaining skills in mathematical modeling and simulation techniques, and for those individuals interested in updating their knowledge and experience with modern control methods.

This is a 12 credit certificate.

Choose Four Courses:

  • 10/24.509 System Dynamics (same as 22.554) (3 credits) 
  • 10.522 Computer-Aided Chemical Process Design (3 credits) 
  • 10.528 Advanced Transport Phenomena (3 credits) 
  • 10.530 Advanced Control Strategies (3 credits) 
  • 10/24.539 Math Methods for Engineers (3 credits)