Student Health Services

About Us

Health Services provides diagnosis and treatment of episodic illnesses such as headache, colds, sore throats, mono, nausea, vomiting, rashes, sprains, vaginitis and urinary tract infections, etc. We provide evaluation and treatment of minor injuries as well as gynecologic care, contraceptive management and counseling, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, health and wellness counseling, the administration of immunizations and laboratory work.

The staff of Health Services consists of nurse practitioners, a registered nurse, health educators, a consultant M.D., an immunization coordinator, a secretary and an insurance coordinator. While walk-in service is provided for emergency first aid, students must have an appointment to see a nurse practitioner for an illness or routine health care.

  • Nancy Quattrocchi, M.S., R.N.C.S.,A.N.P. (Director)
  • Diana Walker Moyer, M.S.N, F.N.P. (Assistant Director)
  • Sharon Cole, M.S.N, F.N.P
  • Eleanor Ellis, M.S.N, F.N.P.
  • Amy Friedman Lee, M.S.N, F.N.P
  • Gina Destrempe, RN
  • Melinda Raboin, M.D.
  • Tracy Moore MPH, MCHES
  • Susan Pulido BS, CHES
  • Betsy Oder, Immunization Clerk
  • Gail Murphy, Medical Office Manager
  • Amy Primak, Medical Receptionist
  • Jeanne Michaud, Health Insurance Coordinator

There is no fee for any care given at Health Services. Students are financially responsible for all diagnostic test fees, prescription fees and all medical services received off-campus.

Call 978-934-4991 for an appointment.