Disability Services

  • Is a student with a disability automatically entitled to the same services that they received in high school?

    Many of the laws and procedures governing high school no longer apply when a student enters higher education. The ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Acts are the primary laws applying to college. 

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  • What documents do I need to show UMass Lowell if I need accommodations based on a disability?

    The most important are copies of recent diagnostic assessments documenting the nature of the disability (e.g., for a learning disability, a neuropsychological assessment). High School Special Education or 504 plans are useful, but usually not sufficient. The University is required to assess eligibility for accommodations and determine what accommodations are appropriate based on the documentation. See Information for Students and Forms.

  • How can I best advocate for my student with a disability?

    We are happy to discuss your concerns with you as a parent. If your student has notified us as part of the admissions process (you are not required to do this in the application – it is your option) or after being admitted, there will be an invitation to the student to meet with a Student Disability Services provider over the summer before school starts. You are very welcome to participate in this meeting. However, you need to know that in higher education the responsibility for providing documentation and notifying us of any specific needs or concerns belongs to the student. Students need to request class accommodations at the beginning of each semester for any particular class they are taking.