Callie Anderson, Marketing



“Loving life on the Business Exchange.”
Callie began her life at UMass Lowell as one of approximately two dozen members of the Business Exchange Living-Learning Community (LLC) in Fox Hall. Callie says the recently renovated floor is “the best place to live on campus.” The space is open and inviting, with a common room at one end of the hall and a centrally located kitchen at the other. “Friends like to come and visit here,” says Callie. Another plus is that the floor is shared with the Breaking Bread Living-Learning Community, which happens to be focused on exploring different cultural cuisines.

Callie finds that being part of a Living-Learning Community has had a positive impact on her academic life and her adjustment to college. One of the biggest challenges of being away from home is learning how to manage her free time well. She and the other Business Exchange students share several block-scheduled classes, which means they are covering the same material and taking tests at the same time. Since they live together, it’s easy to form informal study groups and to help each other out according to different individuals’ particular strengths. In addition, one of Callie’s professors is affiliated with the LLC and stops by regularly to share a meal or hold a seminar. “It’s great to have a professor involved in the LLC who knows everybody’s name,” says Callie.

When she’s not studying in Fox Hall, Callie likes to get work done in the Alumni Hall library. And for fun, she loves the atmosphere at home hockey games, where a lot of students are in attendance and there’s a great sense of school spirit.