Nicholas Gates

Nicholas Gates, Political Science

Orientation Leader


International Relations Club, Peace & Conflict Undergraduate Club, Political Science Club, Honors College & Co-op Scholar

Educational Background

Pentucket Regional High School
Anticipated Year of UMass Lowell Graduation: 2015


Why did you choose UMass Lowell?
I wanted to get a great state school education and thought that this was my best option. The option to join the Commonwealth Honors Program here also provided many benefits and was a great incentive.

What is your favorite thing about UMass Lowell?
Getting to meet people of all different backgrounds and majors. I used to be friends with all Liberal Arts kids, and now my best friends are engineers, which I never would have expected.

What is your ideal Saturday?
Wake up early, have some coffee, listen to music. Get my homework out of the way. Hang out with my friends during the afternoon and then try to go and do something fun at night if I don't have to work.

Home Town: Merrimac, MA