Graduate Programs

Prerequisites: M.S. Environmental Studies

In order to obtain the M.S. Degree in Environmental Studies (Environmental Engineering Sciences Concentration), a student is required to have completed undergraduate courses in the areas of chemistry, physics and mathematics.  At a minimum, the following courses are required.  University of Massachusetts Lowell course numbers are provided for reference purposes.  Course work that is equivalent to the UMass Lowell courses specified is acceptable.  However, an official determination of prerequisite course equivalency will be conducted by UMass Lowell faculty that teach the specified undergraduate course or by the Environmental Studies Graduate Coordinator only after the student has applied and been accepted into the graduate program.

This list represents the minimum prerequisite course requirements.  Additional undergraduate course work may be required to remedy academic deficiencies.  Students will be notified of deficiencies in an acceptance letter.  All deficiencies must be eliminated before a student can be classified as fully matriculated.  The undergraduate prerequisite courses are as follows: 

Course  UMass Lowell Course Number
Chemistry I  84.121
Chemistry I Lab  84.123
Chemistry II  84.122
Chemistry II Lab  84.124
Calculus I  92.131
Calculus II  92.132
Physics I  95.141
Physics I Lab  96.141