Student Awards

Each year the University acknowledges students committed to the areas of student service and community service, awarding up to six medals in each service area upon the recommendation of members of the University community.

The Chancellor's Medal for Student Service is awarded to members of the graduating senior class who have made outstanding contributions to the University (clubs and organizations, campus programs, leadership position or other activities that improve the quality of life for students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell) during their undergraduate studies in day or online and continuing education programs. While the applicant's entire history will be taken into account, volunteer efforts will be given special consideration in the selection process.

The University's Medal for Community Service is awarded to University students who have made significant contributions to the public good (volunteer efforts which benefit the greater Lowell community, other communities or other organizations) and thus have brought credit to themselves, the University and the larger community. Graduating students enrolled in graduate, undergraduate and online and continuing education programs are eligible.

Please note that the committee will be judging the overall quality of the application (neatness, grammar, etc.) as well as the contents.  

Also, students must have declared their intent to graduate no later than Summer 2014, undergraduate students must have a 2.0 minimum overall GPA, graduate students must have a 3.0 minimum overall GPA, and neither can be on disciplinary probation, when submitting the application. Some applicants can qualify for both medals but may receive only one.

When applying for one or both of these prestigious awards, the applicant must follow the application process:

Candidate's Personal Statement

In 500 words or less please indicate the reasons you feel you qualify as a candidate for the award for which you are applying, student service, community service or both.  Please indicate only those activities in which you have actively participated as well as the length of your participation.

Co-Curricular Resume

The statement must be typed and should include the most significant accomplishments during your time at UMass Lowell. Please highlight all activities and include specific contributions, programs or activities you were directly involved with in each organization – teams, groups, etc. as well as the length of your participation.


Candidates must submit recommendations (a minimum of two, maximum of three) from campus supervisors, faculty and/or staff, as well as others in the greater community, in the case of the community service award. (Committee members cannot write recommendations.) Recommendations must be typed and signed, with the name of the candidate at the top. The recommendation should include a statement explaining why they believe the candidate should be considered for the award. The recommendation must be returned to the candidate who will submit all the documentation for the award at the same time.

Submission of Applications

The candidate's cover sheet, personal statement, co-curricular resume', and a minimum of two, maximum of three recommendations must be submitted as a complete application package to: (please paperclip your packet together - DO NOT STAPLE) your name should appear on each page of your packet. 

The Office of Student Affairs

Cumnock Hall, Room 110, North Campus 

Deadline: March 5, 2014 at 5 p.m. Late applications will not be accepted.

Committee members are: