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Enlightened Bites, Informational Lunch Lecture Series

Dr. Dawn Nida, NSRDEC

Julie Chen, vice provost for research, invites UMass Lowell faculty and their guests to the lecture series, Enlightened Bites!

Lecture Schedule, Location & Reservations

All lectures will be held from 12 - 1 p.m, unless otherwise noted. Lunch will be served. To reserve your seat, please register by Friday of the week before the lecture(s) you want to attend, using the form below. And kindly use this form to cancel any reservation(s). Thank you!

For more information, please contact Adrianna Morris.

Fall 2014 Workshops

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Digital Measures Software For Engineering Faculty

Thursday, September 18
Computer Lab, Lydon Library, North Campus
Come learn about all of the advances that have taken place with the Digital Measures Software, view your CV and learn how to use the software.  George Hart (Director of Libraries) and Brita Dean (Consultant) will be presenting.

Overview of Core Research Facilities on Campus

Tuesday, September 23
Saab ETIC 445
The Core Research Facilities on campus have greatly increased under the leadership of Teri Hamelin (Business Director), at this workshop she will provide an overview of what currently exists and how you can participate.

Diagnosing the Opportunities for Federal Biomedical Research Funding

Friday, September 26, Noon - 1 p.m.
Southwick 240 
Dr. Anna Kushnir from Strategic Marketing Innovations (SMI) combines technical expertise in life science with a proven track record in assisting businesses acquire federal funds for research and development activities.


Introduction to Summit and Summit Refresher

Thursday, October 2 
Southwick 309
Maura Shield (Senior Accountant and Financial Reporting Administrator and Danielle DeLuca (Financial Administrator)

Entrepreneurship at UMass Lowell

Tuesday, October 7
Southwick 240 
Do you want to learn more about the rapid-paced entrepreneurial community at UMass Lowell? Join Steven Tello, Associate Vice Chancellor, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development who has had wonderful success with the DifferenceMaker Program and Nancy Saucier (Director, New Venture Development) who paved the way for the Innovation Hub as they discuss:
  • DifferenceMaker Program
  • New Venture Development
  • Mentor Program
  • National Science Foundation Funding 
  • ICorp
  • AIT-TT
  • Innovation Hub
  • Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2)
  • APLU Innovation and Economic Prosperity Designation 
  • And More! 

Teaching an International Course (Taking a group of UMass Lowell students overseas)

Tuesday, October 14 Noon - 1 p.m.
Presented by Fern McKinnon (Manager,
Office of Study Abroad and International Experiences), and Joanne Talty (Associate Director of Corporate Education and Conferences),  Lisa Tarlin (Manager of Corporate Education Conferences)
Watch the Teaching an International Course (Taking a group of UMass Lowell students overseas) presentation via an Echo 360 lecture capture!

Service Learning at UMass Lowell

Tuesday, October 21
Southwick 240
Linda Barrington (Coordinator of Service Learning, Engineering), Robin Toof (Director Service FAHSS), Connie Seymour (Associate Professor, College of Health Science)   Phyllis Proctor, (Program Manager, Computer Science) —Faculty interested in learning more about service-learning & experienced practitioners are encouraged to attend! Plus at this year's event we will announce details for our Service-Learning Mini-Grants! During this workshop participants will:
  • Hear about new service-learning mini-grant opportunities.
  • Review the benefits of service-learning.
  • Identify opportunities and potential community partners.
  • Learn strategies and reflection options.
  • Brainstorm and network with others, including experienced faculty practitioners.

HEROES:  What It Is, What We Are Doing and How You Can Get Involved

Thursday, October 30
Southwick 240
Lynne Samuelson (Chief Scientist Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center, NSRDEC and Co-Director, Heroes) and Ram Nagarajan (Associate Professor, Plastics and Co-Director Heroes Center)
Since Feb. 7, 2013, UMass Lowell and the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, (NSRDEC), have established a unique collaborative R&D partnership initiative called HEROES (Harnessing Emerging Research Opportunities to Empower Soldiers). This initiative involves NSRDEC scientists and engineers sharing over 5000 sq feet of laboratory, office and conference space on site at UMass Lowell, along with UMass Lowell students and faculty having access to the unique Soldier research and testing capabilities at NSRDEC. This partnership is able to effectively combine the best of both organizations (people, facilities and expertise) to work together to find creative and innovative solutions to improve the safety, mobility and sustainability of our Warfighters.

To date, HEROES has numerous broad-based and dual use (military and commercial) areas of collaboration that involve many NSRDEC S&Es and UMass Lowell faculty, post docs and students.  These areas of S&T include Soldier Protection (flame and thermal, chem./bio, ballistic and antimicrobial protective materials) and Soldier Sustainability (airdrop parachutes and parafoils, nutrition, power generating nanocomposites, wearable thermoelectrics and combat ration safety, rations and novel packaging).  Ebites discussions will include an overview of NSRDEC S&T, the HEROES Center, faculty and student opportunities and possible mechanisms of collaboration.


State Ethics Law and Conflict of Interest Policies for Public Employees

Tuesday, November 4
Southwick 240
Maria Sheehy (Attorney and Assistant to the Provost for Faculty Affairs and Compensation) and Elaine Major (Director, Office of Compliance) 

Thursday, November 6, 3:00-6:30 p.m.
UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center

Institutional Research

Thursday, November 13
Trustee’s Room
Julie Alig (Director Institutional Research) and her team describe what her office does and some of the interesting data and trends about the university.

Creative Economy Award Winners, Their Research and How It Got Awarded

Wednesday, November 19, Noon - 1 p.m.
O’Leary Library 200L1
Creative Economy Award Winners, their research and how it got awarded. Khanh Dinh (Professor, Psychology), Allyssa McCabe (Professor, Psychology), Ivy Ho (Associate Professor, Psychology) and Jana Sladkova (Assistant Professor, Psychology) “Understanding Triumphs and Challenges of Immigration and Adaptation: An Innovative Model for Economic and Social Integration Success”

Gena Greher (Professor, Music) and Alan Williams (Associate Professor “Discovering Cultural Identity and Identity Spaces for Cambodian American Adolescents to Explore Their Cultural Identity Creating Spaces for Cambodian-American Adolescents to Explore Their Cultural and Artistic Heritage”

Science & Technology Award Winners, Their Research and How It Got Awarded

Thursday, November 20
ETIC 445
Supriya Chakrabarti (Associate Dean, Sciences), “Experimental Center for Environmental LIDAR (EXCEL)” David Kazmer (Professor, Plastics Engineering) - “Next Generation Materials & Processes for 3-D Printing”

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