Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtualization of Student Labs and Kiosks


Beginning in August, Information Technology will be virtualizing three academic student labs as well as many stations in the Centers for Learning on North Campus, and O'Leary Library on South Campus. Students will now have access to select software anytime, anywhere with their laptop, tablet, or even their smartphone. With vLabs, software doesn't need to be installed or maintained on each computer, but instead runs on servers in the University’s data center. Utilizing VMware’s industry best vSphere and Horizon View platforms, Information Technology will be leveraging years of experience with virtualization technology to deploy a scalable, state-of-the-art virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).


24 hours per day – on or off campus - students in The Manning School of Business, Biological Sciences, and the College of Health Sciences will now be able to remotely access their software running in these virtual labs. In addition to the standard Microsoft Office suite, applications that perform special functions from molecular modeling to statistics to DNA sequencing will be available. The Centers for Learning Lab and computers in O'Leary Library will also offer access to these software applications for students who do not have their own devices.


Students can visit vLabs, to get more information about how to get connected to these systems remotely.

Phase 1 Student Labs 

The specific labs that have become vLab enabled are:

  • Biological Sciences located in Olsen Hall, Room 610
  • College of Health Sciences located in Weed Hall, Room 212
  • Manning School of Business located in Pasteur Hall, Room 205
  • Centers for Learning located in Southwick Hall, Room 313
  • Select stations in the O'Leary Library
  • Select kiosk-type installations across campus