Transportation Services

Fall 2014 Transportation Service


Due to several changes on campus, we will be adjusting the routes for Transportation for Fall 2014. The Highlands Line will be suspended for Fall 2014. Princeton Reserves will no longer have transportation provided as well.

In addition, we will be making major changes to the North Campus bus stop. Over the summer, the university will be building a new north campus bus stop for the Roadster bus and shuttle van service behind Olney Hall. The project is designed to optimize safety and access for pedestrian and motorists.

As of September, the campus shuttles will no longer stop on University Avenue. All stops and pick-ups will be behind Olney Hall (see the map below). Lowell Regional Transit Authority buses will continue to stop on University Avenue. 


What's Running for Fall 2014 Day Service

  • Blue Line: South, North, University Crossings
  • Red Line: East, University Crossings, South
  • Yellow N Line: ICC, East Campus (Aiken St.), North
  • Yellow S Line: ICC, South
  • Purple Line: Tsongas Center - East Campus  - North
  • Green N Line: EML, North
  • Green S Line: EML, South