Tau Sigma Transfer Student Honor Society Application

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Anticipated Graduation (Month/Year)

Overall cumulative GPA

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Academic Credits (Total completed as of end of most semester)

Institution(s) attended, if any, other than UMass Lowell (please provide major reason for leaving and Cumulative GPA at that school)

Please tell us, in a paragraph of 800 words or less:
1. Why you would like to be a member of Tau Sigma.
2. What actions or activities you think this group might work on to improve the transfer student experience.
3. What clubs or organizations you are currently involved with, on or off campus. This may include community service efforts.

By submitting this application I, the above named applicant, authorize the release of information necessary for the UMass Lowell ODK Circle to consider my application based upon the requirements for membership as cited in the accompanying letter. I realize this includes my academic transcripts as well as disciplinary records.