Student Activities & Leadership

Community Service - Reach Out RiverHawks

Reach Out RiverHawks is a community service outreach program which provides monthly volunteer opportunities for students to participate in projects and community service events. The Office of Student Activities and Leadership’s role will be to help students execute service opportunities and help them reflect upon their experiences.

Students at UMass Lowell are strongly encouraged to participate in community service opportunities because there is a great deal of benefits that students receive from these experiences. Students are exposed to diversity and multiculturalism, build communication skills, and begin to feel a sense of self-efficacy. Volunteering not only give students a chance to give back to their community, but to also feel a sense of belonging through positive civic engagement.

UMass Lowell received the 2009 Presidential Community Service Award, which reflects the students’ enthusiasm for community service. This award recognizes a university’s commitment to volunteering, service-learning and civic engagement. Each year, UMass Lowell students contribute more than 44,000 hours of service.

To learn more about community service opportunities, call or stop by the Student Activities office, or visit the UMass Lowell Clubs and Organizations website to learn about current student clubs that are actively involved in the community.