Student Health Services

Health Insurance

Student Eligibility and Enrollment Information 

All matriculating, undergraduate students, regardless of credit hours, and all matriculating, graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours will be charged for health insurance.

Online courses are not considered eligible credits. Students who have comparable health insurance may apply on SIS to waive the charge. Please note that all students who withdraw from or drop all of their classes within the first 31 calendar days of the academic semester will not be allowed to be enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan.

Health Insurance for Currently Enrolled Students

Health insurance is mandatory and is available through the university for those who are unable to prove they have equal or better coverage. The insurance plan offered through the University is recommended because it covers students on or off campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is in effect for a full year, beginning on August 1. This program is offered by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. It is required for International Students and is not available to on-line only students. Learn more about the University Health Insurance Plan on the Gallagher Student website.

If you belong to a managed care plan, or other private insurance; check to see if they will cover lab tests and prescriptions ordered by Health Services. Most will not, and students, often unable to leave school to go to their primary care provider for care, must pay themselves. In addition, if you will be living outside your insurance coverage area while attending UMass Lowell, Massachusetts law requires that you MUST either choose a primary care provider (PCP) in the Lowell area or enroll in the University's Student Insurance Plan. More information about this state law is found on our additional health insurance information page.

On-line Students 

Students who are enrolled exclusively in on-line classes are not eligible for this plan.

International Students

As authorized under the insurance laws for higher education, students in Massachusetts (section 275 of Chapter 151 of the Acts of 1996), the University of Massachusetts Lowell requires that all international students must enroll in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan.

Student Health Insurance Coordinator

Questions about the University Health Insurance Plan should be directed to the Insurance Coordinator, Jeanne Michaud at 978-934-4992 or
Office Hours: Monday, Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Friday 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Questions about the health insurances charge or health insurance waiver should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office at 978-934-3570.

Health Insurance Options After Graduation

Graduating seniors’ school insurance plan coverage terminates on July 31. The new Health Care Law provides options for finding the best health plan for graduating seniors. 

Some benefits now available:

  • Dependent coverage under a parent’s insurance plan up to age 26
  • New health care rights and protections
  • Coverage for uninsured young adults with pre-existing conditions

Options for obtaining health insurance coverage after graduating are:

  • Stay on parent’s insurance plan until you turn 26
  • Employer health plan
  • Buy health plan on your own. The website will tell you about health care options available in the state where you live.
  • On-line Insurance. Check websites like eHealthInsurance. When buying on-line insurance, be sure to read the fine print. Some plans may have restrictions and high deductibles, or may not cover your condition.
  • Temporary Health Insurance as offered through companies like Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk. 

Who To See for Medical or Mental Health Issues

If you have school insurance, you should be seen in the Wellness Center (978-934-6800) for any medical or mental health problem. Please note that there is a $150 deductible for an emergency room visit, if you are not admitted to the hospital.