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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (better known as co-op) is a unique and mutually beneficial partnership between you, an employer, your Department, and the Career Services & Cooperative Education Center. Through a combination of classroom study and a minimum of two approved academically related work experiences, you will gain critically important skills related to your educational and career goals and your employer will gain your valuable contributions to their organization.

Why Participate in Co-op:

• Advance your technical and business skills.

• Learn how your academics connect to the real world.

• Significantly increase your marketability and build a great resume.

• Get paid and earn academic credit.

• Add value to an organization.

• Network with engineers and gain professional references.

• Accelerate your professional preparation.

• Work with industry partners—from across town to across the country.

The NEW Undergraduate Co-op Program: A Three Phase Work-Learn Process

UML has recently restructured the undergraduate co-op program to help you more easily seek and secure meaningful work experiences, incorporate co-op into your overall academic program, and earn academic credit. Beginning in the fall of 2011, you may, with the approval of your advisor, participate in a Voluntary Co-op Curricular Track that will support, instruct, and guide you through the entire co-op experience. This track includes three distinct phases:

Preparation: All sophomores enroll in a required Professional Development Seminar that provides the resources and skills to manage a co-op search, secure a position and work successfully in a professional environment.

Work Experience: During the summers following your sophomore and junior years you will complete a full-time summer co-op work experience, for a minimum of two employment periods during your undergraduate program. You may also elect to participate in longer co-op work periods during the spring of your junior year and/or fall of the senior year.

Assessment: Following each co-op work period and to earn academic credit, you will assess and review your work performance and learning through a variety of measures.

Find Out More:

To learn more about the program, your eligibility and coop work opportunities, please contact:

Engineering & Technology:

Diane Hewitt
Associate Director, Cooperative Education
328 Southwick
978- 934-2685

College of Engineeering:

Erin Doyon
Asst. Director, Cooperative Education
328 Southwick

College of Sciences:

Sandhya Balasubramanian
Asst. Director, Cooperative Education
328 Southwick

College of Management:

Martina Witts
Asst. Director, Cooperative Education
328 Southwick