The Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture

Partial List of Faculty associated with the Center

Provost Ahmed Abdelal 
Prof. Deina Abdelkader, Political Science
Prof. Alkim Akyurtlu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Craig Armiento, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Matt Barlow, Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Prof.  Susan Braunhut, Biological Sciences
Prof. Gilbert Brown, Nuclear Engineering
Dean Kathy Carter, College of Management
Vice Provost Julie Chen
Prof. Nathan Gartner, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Jehanne-Marie Gavarini, Art
Dean  Anita Greenwood, Graduate School of Education
Dean Joe Hartman, Engineering
Prof. Wael Kamal, Journalism and Media Studies
Prof. Ainat Koren, Nursing
Prof. Haim Levkowitz, Computer Science
Prof. Mufeed Mahd, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Martin Margala, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof.  Stephen McCarthy, Plastics Engineering
Prof. Shane Minkin, History
Prof. Steve Mishol, Painting
Prof.  Jim Nehring, Graduate School of Education
Prof. Bassam Romaya, Philosophy
Prof. Ziyad Salameh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof.  Stacy Szczesiul, Graduate School of Education
Prof. David Turcotte, Economics
Prof. Ellen Wetmore, Art

Paula-RaymanPaula Rayman, Director Dr. Paula Rayman is director of the University of Massachusetts Lowell Middle East Center for Peace, Development, and Culture. Rayman is a Senior Fulbright Award recipient. She worked with the University of Haifa on the study: “Beyond Co-Existence: Israeli Arab and Jewish Relations.”

Rayman is also a nationally recognized scholar in the field of work organization, labor, and public policy. A professor in the Regional Economic and Social Development department at UMass Lowell, she is the author of Beyond the Bottom Line: The Search for Dignity at Work.

She was the founding director of the Radcliffe Public Policy Center at Harvard University. Rayman has also worked extensively on issues related to women and science. She was the Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation Project WORKING WISE (Women in Science and Engineering ) and co-author of The Equity Equation.

Seth-IzenSeth Izen, Assistant Director

Seth is Assistant Director for the Middle East Center. He earned his Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies in 2012 from University of Massachusetts Lowell. His Bachelor's degree is from Brown University, where he double majored in Political Science and Contemplative Studies. Seth teaches the undergraduate and graduate mediation course on campus (Mediation: Theory and Practice). Among his academic interests are understanding capacity of sports and team identity to overcome deep-seated religious and ethnic tension; the role of collective narratives in conflict; and the development of moral courage.

Greg-AftandilianGregory Aftandilian, Associate

Gregory is an independent consultant and university lecturer on Middle East politics and is currently an Associate at the Middle East Center here on campus. He worked for 21 years for the U.S. Government in such capacities as Middle East analyst at the State Department, professional staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and foreign policy fellow to Senator Edward Kennedy. He received the State Department's Superior Honor Award for his analytical work on Egypt, and is the author of Egypt's Bid for Arab Leadership: Implications for U.S. Policy and "Looking Forward: An Integrated Strategy for Supporting Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt.

Gabrielle Davis, Student Associate

gabrielleGabrielle Davis is a Student Associate of the University of Massachusetts Lowell Middle East Center for Peace, Development, and Culture. Receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the UMass Lowell Peace and Conflict Studies program in 2015, she is continuing on into the Peace and Conflict Studies graduate program. While her academic focus has been centered on Israel and positive peace, other interests include identity development and its effect on leadership; community building and collective impact; and the importance of dialogue in societies. In addition to being a student, Gabrielle is passionate about volunteering to bring people together to make lasting social change and creative avenues of expression.