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Applying to a Major

UMass Lowell admits incoming students directly into a major. Students are asked to identify a chosen major and second choice major on their application for admission. This policy has been in place, in part, so students have a home base – their major, their department and/or their college – as they make the transition to campus.

It is possible to change your selected major, by submitting the requested in writing to the Admissions Office. Students will be re-evaluated for any changes. Until the Add/Drop Period is over all majors changes must be done through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. After Add/Drop please contact the Registrar’s Office to make any major changes

Pre-Professional Programs

In addition to the available majors, UMass Lowell offers pre-professional advising for dentistry, medicine, veterinary science, and law . Pre-professional advising helps students interested in these careers make the best choices of undergraduate courses. Additionally, the UMass Baccalaureate MD Pathway Program allows students the opportunity to be admitted to the UMass Medical School.

Course Requirements Within Majors

Go to the undergraduate catalog and search for your major.