Standards & Requirements

Admissions Standards

All freshman applicants are evaluated using standards determined by both the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and the University.

Entering freshmen in fall 2014 had an average GPA of 3.43 and an average combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score of 1150*.

Admissions counselors and policy makers are sensitive to the factors that may result in accomplished students having a lower-than-expected GPA or SAT score. The applications of students who don’t meet the standards, but for whom UMass Lowell otherwise seems like a good match, are reviewed individually.

*Along with all other public universities and colleges in the Massachusetts system, UMass Lowell is not using the Writing Score.

High School Course Requirements

In order to fulfill minimum requirements, you should have completed the following coursework at the college preparatory level or higher during high school:

  • Four years of English
  • Two years of social studies (including one year of U.S. history) 
  • Three years of mathematics (however four years is recommended)
  • Two years of foreign language (in a single language) 
  • Three years of science (two with a lab) (however four years is recommended)
  • Two years of electives

International Applicants

In addition to the completed application package, there are additional requirements for international students.

Alternative Admissions Programs

At UMass Lowell, there are several special entrance programs that provide non-traditional admissions pathways to students who do not meet the standard admissions requirements.

MCC Connections Program

Students take classes at Middlesex Community College in order to gain the academic standing needed to be assured admission and a successful start at the University. More information

Mass Transfer

More information

Navitas UMass Lowell

Navitas is an independently administered pathway to admission for international students who do not meet the standard admissions requirements. More information

CERNET at UMass Lowell (for students from China)

Students admitted to UMass Lowell’s CERNET program spend one or two semesters at the Massachusetts International Academy (MAIA) in Marlborough, Massachusetts, 30 miles from Boston. MAIA assists students in improving English language skills and becoming accustomed to the American education style, and provides a dynamic extracurricular program. Students become comfortable in environments similar to those they will encounter during their university experiences. Contact or look at the MAIA website.