Web Services

Forms Request

Web Services provides three types of forms:
  1. Those that generate an email submission
  2. Those that generate a submission to database
  3. Those that do generate submissions to both email and database.
In addition to the information below, each form request should include:
  • Introductory text, if needed
  • Fields needed (This includes submitter's contact info, form questions, etc.)
  • Fields required to successfully submit the form, application or survey
  • Automated “Thank you” text and/or confirmation email after form is filled out, if needed.
If you are seeking a form that involves payment, please email webcontent@uml.edu.
To request a form please provide the following information



Email Address of the person filling this form

Form's URL

(form's location within your department)


What type of form would you like?


Do you need the form generated report? only if you selected DB or both

Name of the person authorized to see report

Email address of the person authorized to see report (more than one email address can be submitted)

Email address(es) to receive the form output

you can provide more than one email address

Introductory paragraph for the form (please state any information about the form: location, date, and purpose of the form)

Message to be displayed in the thank-you page