Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

About Us

  One Mission, One Team

UMass Lowell Emergency Medical team is committed to growth and development, through innovation and excellence while providing unmatched quality healthcare to our peers and community!

Our History

UMass Lowell EMS club formed in 1984, and was formerly established as the UMass Lowell Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Society in 1986, thanks to a former student of the University and faculty adviser, David Eberiel, Ph.D. Over the years, UMass Lowell EMS has responded to thousands of calls ranging from the minor cuts and bruises to life threatening situations such as accidents, respiratory and cardiac emergencies. UMass Lowell EMS is now staffed by approximately 25 E.M.T.'s, 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the regular academic semesters. 

  EMS Can Help within Minutes

During a medical emergency, time is one of the crucial factors that determine a person's ultimate outcome. In the event that something does happen, UMass Lowell EMS can be on the scene within minutes. If the call warrants transport to a local hospital, Trinity EMS, Lowell's 9-1-1 provider, are brought to the scene and assist UMass Lowell EMS.  

The UMass Lowell EMTs receive a small stipend for every shift they work. When asked, UMass Lowell EMS came to the conclusion that, "Most of us are not in this field for the money; we simply feel that we owe it to the university community to provide our services as they have done a great deal for us over the years and at the same time we are able to help out fellow students." 

UMass Lowell EMS currently runs as a Class V Ambulance and has all the capabilities of a regional EMS service provider, minus the patient transporting. We provide emergency medical services to the students, faculty and staff of the university as well as the community at large as needed.

  Our Affiliations

UMass Lowell EMS works with the university as well as the incredible service providers of Lowell - at the BLS transport level, Trinity EMS and at the ALS medical level, with Trinity and Lowell General Paramedics

UMass Lowell EMS also has a very strong partnership with the University of Massachusetts Lowell Police Department.

UMass Lowell EMS is dispatched directly through the university 934-4911 dispatch center. It is through this strong partnership that UMass Lowell EMS and UMass Lowell P.D. provide fast accurate and appropriate emergency care to the community.

  Our Staff and Equipment

UMass Lowell EMS currently has a staff of approximately 25 E.M.T.'s trained at the MA EMT Basic Level. They work out of three Quick Response vehicles with full lights and sirens capability. E.M.T.'s are kept up to date on Emergency Response and Medical Training as well as Driving Certification classified by NFPA.

  National Collegiate EMS Foundation

UMass Lowell EMS is part of the National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF) that currently has around 300 member colleges from around North America. UMass Lowell EMS was recognized in 2006 as the Collegiate EMS Organization of the year. This honor is bestowed annually upon the school whose Emergency Medical Program exceeds all expectations and serves as pillar of NCEMSF, as well as the "Striving For Excellence" award - a three year recognition (2007-2010) for a quality service. UMass Lowell EMS is truly honored and would love to express its thanks and gratification to the University of Massachusetts Lowell community as well as our partners in the field!